February 23, 2016

Fan.Dex Will Allow Fighting Irish to Aggregate Multiple Fan Data Sets to More Efficiently and Effectively Connect With the School’s Fans

AUSTIN, TX The University of Notre Dame has joined a growing list of colleges that have partnered with Circle Media to use Fan.Dex, the company’s proprietary data analysis and management system to aggregate disparate customer data sets in the athletic department and across campus. 

The Fan.Dex platform will allow Notre Dame to create actionable fan profiles that will greatly enhance the school’s communications, marketing and sales efforts.

“We decided to partner with Circle Media because of their outstanding data management solution and their commitment to client services,” said Dan Skendzel, Notre Dame’s senior associate athletics director for media operations and branding.  “The Fan.Dex platform will unlock new opportunities to customize communications and uniquely connect with targeted segments of our fanbase.  Furthermore, Circle Media is providing implementation and ongoing consulting to ensure our success.”

Fan.Dex integrates a customer’s information from multiple databases – for example, ticketing, e-commerce and web/mobile data – and combines it all into a single fan profile.  The Fan.Dex analytics platform then enhances the information on each fan with information like geographic location, household income, number of children, favorite sports, types of merchandise purchased and social media activity.  The result is actionable fan profiles that allow for highly-targeted marketing and communications initiatives.

Fan.Dex allows schools to segment their master database down to a specific group, or even individual level.  While beneficial to the athletic department, this also enhances the experience from the fan’s perspective, because all communications and marketing efforts are now personalized based on fans’ individual preferences.  For example, rather than blanketing the entire database with a Season Ticket offer, Fan.Dex can target the outreach to those most likely to purchase.

“We’re really excited to add Notre Dame to our growing list of clients, not only because they are an iconic brand with a massive following, but more importantly because Notre Dame realized they hadn’t fully optimized their understanding of their fan base,” said Randy Eccker, Chairman and CEO of Circle Media.  “With our Fan.Dex platform, they will be now be able to target their communications and marketing programs based on each fan’s unique needs, wants and expectations.”

In addition to Notre Dame, Circle Media’s growing stable of clients includes LSU, Louisville, Rutgers, Temple, UAB, Georgia State, Florida International, St. Joseph’s and Siena.

About Circle Media

Circle Media, Inc. is a data management software and solutions provider in the sports and entertainment industry.  Fan.Dex, the company’s proprietary data analysis and management system, has become the standard for aggregating and managing fan information for conferences, teams, media and brands.  In addition, Circle Media provides digital engagement solutions for properties to generate meaningful fan interaction.  Circle Media’s platform lays the backbone for fan analytics, while our solutions deliver experiences and content driven by fan data.


Joe Casey

VP of Operations